Incoming New York Times CEO Already in Trouble

Mark Thompson — the New York Times’ new CEO — hasn’t officially started yet, but he’s already facing some heat for things that happened in his past. Thompson was the former head of the BBC during Jimmy Savile’s tenure. Savile, a celebrity who died last year, is now the target of allegations that he sexually abused hundreds of young girls.

During Thompson’s time at the BBC, an investigative piece on Savile for the program Newsnight was killed. Now, a committee is looking into who knew what, when. One of those people who might have known something is Thompson. Thompson has repeadetly denied any wrongdoing. In an interview with the Times, he reiterated that stance:

There is nothing to suggest that I acted inappropriately in the handling of this matter. I did not impede or stop the ‘Newsnight’ investigation, nor have I done anything else that could be construed as untoward or unreasonable.

As if this wasn’t enough of a problem for Thompson, he also has to deal with a hoard of angry unionized staffers, who posed for this group picture to show Thompson just how vital their new contract is:

Not exactly how you want to go into a new job.

[Image – Steven Greenhouse]

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