Indulge Your Nostalgia With a Pitch to Highlights

Pitch the magazine of your childhood

Who doesn’t have a soft spot in his or her heart for Highlights magazine? It was the children’s publication that tracked the travails of Goofus and Gallant (who was just a little too perfect, amirite?), offered pictograms that prepped us for an emoji-laden future, and provided the stories and articles that were a precursor to the adult ones we would grow up to write.

Or perhaps the audience you write for is today’s crop of 6 to 12-year-olds. Then send in your pitches — for fiction and nonfiction stories, craft ideas, puzzles and cartoons– to Highlights, and be a part of a 69-year-old tradition. What is editor Judy Burke looking for?

For fiction:

These stories should have an engaging plot, a specific setting and lively language. No series or continuing stories. Fiction for readers at a beginners’ level should be 475 words or less; fiction for independent readers caps at 750 words.

And nonfiction:

These stories may be about science, arts, biography, autobiography, sports, world cultures, economics, service/self-help, careers, adventure and history. Nonfiction for young readers average 400 words; nonfiction for proficient readers, 750 words.

For information on the rest, head to: How To Pitch: Highlights

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