INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Like Button Tops Social Net Actions

GlobalWebIndex examined the top five actions performed by users of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook over the past month, and clicking the latter’s like button came out on top.

GlobalWebIndex examined the top five actions performed by users of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook over the past month, and clicking the latter’s like button came out on top.

In fact, all of the top five actions performed on Facebook outperformed all of those from Twitter or Google+:

  1. Clicked the like button: 70 percent
  2. Commented on a friend’s photo or video: 55 percent
  3. Messaged a friend on a one-to-one basis: 55 percent
  4. Read an article: 53 percent
  5. Commented on a friend’s status update: 52 percent.

The top activity on Twitter was reading a news story, at 42 percent, while reading an article also topped Google+, at 45 percent.

GWI said in an email to SocialTimes:

While an impressive 70 percent of Facebookers have clicked the like button in the past month, a much lower 33 percent of Google+ active users are hitting the +1 button. On Twitter, meanwhile, some 31 percent of active users are favoriting tweets — putting this activity outside the platform’s top five actions.

Facebookers are also more likely to be interacting with friends than active users of Google+ or Twitter. Last month, one-half of Facebook active users commented on a friend’s profile or photo; in contrast, only one-quarter on Google+ commented on a status and one-third on Twitter tweeted a friend.

However, it’s not all good news for Facebook. Active users on this network are more likely to say they have logged in to see what’s happening without contributing anything — one-half do this each month. This is in line with the high usage frequency of Facebookers, but it’s telling that mature markets dominate the top 10 countries for this more passive type of usage.

Readers: Did any of GWI’s findings surprise you?

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