This Infographic Shows How Worried Digital Advertisers Are About Viewability

The buyer-seller debate continues to simmer

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A great debate in digital advertising is brewing around the issue of viewability that will only heat up after the calendar flips to 2015.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the 4A's has told its members that it would "not endorse" guidelines that the Interactive Advertising Bureau issued on Dec. 16. The IAB suggested the industry consider campaigns delivered at a 70 percent threshold against the Media Ratings Council's eight-month-old display ads standard, which calls for 50 percent of pixels per ad be viewed for at least one second. For a video ad to be deemed viewed, per the MRC, half of the ad needs to be on the consumer's screen for at least two seconds.

So for display or video, if the measurable impressions/views don't achieve the MRC's standard at a 70 percent threshold, make-goods are in order, the IAB stated.  

What's more, new research from Integral Ad Science shows just how divided the buyer-seller community is when it comes to what constitutes "viewability." Just 22 percent of buyers said the MRC's standard was stringent enough, while 61 percent of sellers believed the MRC's mandate was reasonable.

The Integral Ad Science infographic below showcases its recent research, which involved surveys with 391 digital marketing players. The data points reveal players' largest concerns going into 2015, entailing topics such as viewability, ad fraud, attribution models, programmatic, etc.






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