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If you can’t get enough infographics, you’re in luck. After much anticipation, the data visualization platform has released some new tools for organizing data from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. is a place to upload, view, create, and share visual data with other people and companies on the Web. Many online publications like Mashable, social media marketing companies like Flowtown, and even traditional news sources like the Wall Street Journal have used the platform to make infographics that readers love to click on. (Flowtown’s “The Joy of Social Media: How Bob Ross Sees It” is a personal favorite.) The templates are almost the right size for a WordPress blog and even when condensed, they still look great on Pinterest.

The platform launched in private Beta in 2011.  Since then, has helped create 11,000 infographics and attracted 2 million visitors per month, according to TechCrunch.

The new creation tools are aimed at the casual social media user. A template called “Dr. Visually’s Automagical Facebook Monsterizer” will analyze your Facebook profile and photos to determine what kind of monster you are. (If you are using Facebook, it is assumed that you are a monster of some kind.) The application connects to, a free facial recognition software, to dig through your photos and figure out whether you were smiling in the picture and if you were wearing glasses. Once collected, the data is used to create a cartoon-like representation of your inner Facebook monster, complete with accessories.

Then there’s “Life of a Hashtag,” a Twitter-powered tool that traces the number of times a hashtag has appeared, as well as the most influential Twitter users who have tweeted it. A person’s influence, in this case, is defined by the number of followers he or she has on Twitter. Below is an analysis of the conversations surrounding the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX under the hashtag #SXSW.

These tools were still in preview mode at the time of this post, but check the site for updates. In the meantime, enjoy this analysis of the SocialTimes Twitter page. To “Twitterize Yourself,” click here.

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