InnoGames Launches Rising Generals in Open Beta

Rising GeneralsTribal Wars 2 developer InnoGames has announced the open beta launch of its strategy MMO, Rising Generals, exclusively in the United States. For the development of the game, InnoGames was supported by American game designer Bruce Shelley, known for his work on the Civilization and Age of Empires series. In Rising Generals, players command their own military base, defending it against hostile attackers while unlocking new technologies over time.

In Rising Generals, players have access to their own base and military units, but the game doesn’t see players micromanaging a base in a 3D view, as is typical for the genre. Instead, gameplay is handled through numerous animated menus, as players can view their Barracks and other production facilities and set them to produce troops and resources through timed actions. For instance, players can create fuel in the fuel depot.

Each shift produces a different amount of a particular resource, and takes a different amount of time to complete. Meanwhile, the Barracks is used to produce military units. Players start with access to just combat vehicles, but will eventually unlock helicopters, tanks and more. These troops take time to recruit, and it should be noted that timed actions can be sped up with premium currency. In addition, buildings can be upgraded to increase their productivity.

Once users have a competent military force, they can send their units to attack or reinforce others’ camps. When attacking, users have two main options: raiding or capturing. Raiding sees users reducing the camp’s troop power, while also looting some resources. Capturing, meanwhile, sees the player army taking over the entire enemy base, and giving control of the base to the player. Each new outpost has its own fuel depot, barracks and more, so users can complete more than one task at the same time (so long as they have the resources necessary to do so).

For social features, players can join a Battle Group with other players, or create their own to invite their friends. Users can also zoom out on the world map, viewing all bases captured by other players.

Rising Generals is available to play for free on the game’s website. The game is currently in development for iOS and Android devices, and support for more than 14 additional languages will be added in the near future.

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