Inspiration Shines at TheLadders’ Job Mobile Summit; Motivation From Diana Nyad

TheLadders logoYesterday we attended the annual Job Mobile Summit sponsored by our friends at TheLadders.

Sure, the goal was to stay on the pulse of trends in mobile recruiting (did you know the peak time for applicants such as yourself is 6 ’til 10 a.m.?) but what we got out of it was much deeper, much more profound.

That’s because motivational speaker Diana Nyad closed out the conference with her incredible keynote speech!

Yes, we’re biased. How can you not be subjective based on this woman’s tremendous accomplishment? (In case you’re unaware, on her fifth attempt last year, Nyad became the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida. Did we mention her age? Oh yeah, 64.)

Here are a few highlights if you need a little kick in the you-know-where today to close out the week on a high note!

As she talked about her previous four failed attempts in the public eye as “crushing,” the determination and passion in her voice were clear. Once she turned 60, she became vigilant and persevered to pursue her dream.

Pointing to the “power of the human spirit,” she also mentioned people giving up on her. CNN didn’t send resources to cover her fifth attempt, for example. “The whole world has stamped this impossible,” she said.

Well, haven’t you heard? Impossible equals I’m possible.”For 35 years I never lost faith,” Nyad claimed. “I just can’t give up on it.”

As she described the harrowing swim in the vast darkness at night and dangers lurking in the water, it’s also clear she is at home there. Despite the grueling physical and mental challenge, during her speech she had asked herself if she became the person she can admire.

“Can I live the life I can be proud of?” Can you live life to the fullest? Find out what you’re made of. Truly.

She ended her speech by saying, “You will find a way.”

Yes, you will!