‘Instacane’ Tells The Tale Of Hurricane Sandy In Images

Instacane.com, a site built by Facebook employee Chris Akerman and software engineer Peter Ng, is documenting the progress of Hurricane Sandy through a collection of individual updates on Instagram. The site follows the hashtags of Instagram users affected by Sandy and displays an array of images from different people experiencing the storm.

The photos are a great detour from the giant graphics we’ve been seeing that show most of the Eastern Seaboard all in red. They show sobering images from the trenches of the storm like this photo (pictured left) from hoeboma of Atlantic City flooding and shots of flooding in Manhattan.

It’s also got a collection of images of hurricane preparations, from empty store shelves to cabinets well stocked with water, packaged foods and beer. There are, of course, some silly pics. (Via TechCrunch).

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