Instagram Adds a Create Mode to Its Revamped Stories Camera

On This Day is part of the mix, as are Giphy GIFs for backgrounds

GIFs from Giphy can be set as backgrounds for Stories Instagram

Instagram rolled out a revamped camera highlighted by its new Create mode, which enables people to create content without sharing photos or videos.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said in an email, “Your new Instagram camera lets you easily share what you’re doing, thinking or feeling with your friends. Create mode helps you combine interactive stickers, drawings and text without needing a photo or video to share.”

The new Create mode is highlighted by the addition of the popular On This Day feature from parent Facebook.

Choosing On This Day brings up a random post the user shared on Instagram feed on the same calendar day in a previous year, and tapping the dice button enables the user to view different posts. Once they choose one they would like to share, it can be shared to Stories as an embedded post that other people can open and view.

Another new feature in the Instagram camera is the ability to choose any GIF from Giphy and set it as the background for a Story. The GIF is tiled three times vertically as the background, instead of being laid on top.

Instagrammers can opt for the interactive questions sticker, with suggestions including, “If you had three wishes … “ and, “Any hidden talents?”

They can also start off with the poll sticker, taking the pulse of their followers on matters such as, “Sweet or savory?” and “Better first date: Dinner or movie?”

They can opt for Instagram’s quiz sticker to ask questions such as, “What’s my biggest fear?” or “Only one of these is true.”

Finally, they can incorporate the countdown sticker, ticking off the minutes until “The Weekend,” “Quittin’ Time” or “School’s Out.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.