Instagram and Facebook Messenger Are Celebrating Today’s Solar Eclipse

Instagram has new stickers, while Facebook Messenger has a new mask

Instagram and Facebook Messenger have been updated with new content in celebration of the 2017 solar eclipse.

On Instagram, users can add new eclipse-themed stickers to their pictures and videos before sharing them in their Instagram Stories. There are three different stickers in this release, and each has two different color options to choose from: color and black and white.

Users can switch between the two color options by first adding a sticker to their post and then tapping the sticker to make the change. As with other Instagram stickers, users can change each sticker’s size, location and orientation before sharing the post with their followers.

Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger now features an eclipse-themed mask, as well as two eclipse-themed overlays, which users can activate within the app’s camera. The mask will be available through the end of Aug. 21.

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