Instagram Beats Twitter in Mobile Engagement

Today’s social media engagement analysis by ComScore makes us think that Facebook’s Instagram purchase may have been far smarter than many thought at the time.

Turns out that American smartphone owners used Instagram more often, and for longer periods of time, than they used Twitter last month. What does this finding mean?

Well, it makes Instagram much more attractive to advertisers, because greater engagement means users are more likely to see ads—and pay attention to them. Instagram is currently “focused mainly on product development” and is “not pursuing marketing or advertising opportunities” at the time, but “this may change” soon. In light of this new report, advertisers will be lining up to hawk their wares on the photo app.

This report may also have something to do with Google’s recent decision to acquire Snapseed, ID’d as an “Instagram competitor”.

To some degree, these numbers stem from the fact that many Twitter users still manage their accounts from laptops, while Instagram is a strictly mobile tool. Still, the app’s popularity is certainly worth noting, especially since 60% of Twitter users are primarily mobile.

Let’s look at this report from a PR perspective: Twitter is obviously a crucial tool for firms and representatives, but what are the PR uses of Instagram? Quite a few companies have begun sharing photos with fans (often via Twitter), and Instagram encourages this use with a handy guide.

PR pros: Do you or your clients use Instagram? In light of this report, do you see the app growing more important to the PR community?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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