Instagram Hits 300M Users, Surpasses Twitter

Instagram announced that it hit 300 million users, surpassing Twitter's 284 million. They're also going to start verifying accounts.

Instagram announced this week that it’s officially hit 300 million users, which means its user base is bigger than Twitter, which has around 284 million users. Instagram also reported that users are posting around 70 million photos a day.

According to TechCrunch:

Instagram is now looking to strengthen its authenticity. Soon it plans to launch verified badges for celebrities, brands and athletes so people don’t accidentally follow parody, tribute or look-alike accounts. The tactic helped Twitter boost confidence, and Facebook started verifying profiles in May 2013. The badges will surely be coveted by the types of users desperately trying to grow their following, and make Instagram’s new Explore tab more trustworthy.

With so many users, verified accounts are going to be a big deal, ensuring posts that people actually want to see don’t get lost in the mix. They’re also purging fake accounts, so some brands might see a slight decline in followers, but it’s for the best. Verified badges will start showing up next week.