Instagram Is Now Using Threads to Organize Comments, a Lot Like Facebook

App gets a feature its parent company has been using for a while

Comments on Instagram will now begin to thread below each comment they're aimed to address.
Courtesy of Outcast

Instagram’s comments section is about to start looking a lot like Facebook’s.

Today, the company said it will start organizing comments by threads, allowing users to reply directly to other users rather than having every comment drop to the bottom. The move copies the format of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, giving the photo- and video-sharing app a minor but meaningful update that will make it easier for users to track conversations.

While the news doesn’t directly affect advertisers, it’s likely to be a welcome feature, especially for anyone who has struggled to sort through the sometimes long lists of comments to figure out what each reply is meant to address.

Earlier this summer, Instagram rolled out another update aimed at reducing offensive comments on the platform. The features released in June lets users block offensive comments and reduce spam comments by filtering out key words.

Instagram continues to grow at a rapid pace. In April, the company reported that it had 700 million monthly active users, double the total it had just two years ago.

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