What’s A Typical Day On The Internet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that on any given day, enough information is consumed by internet traffic to fill an incredible 168 million DVDs?

With an estimated two billion online users, a lot gets done. And I mean a lot. Over a typical 24 hour period, 172 million people visit Facebook, logging an incredible 4.7 billion collective minutes and generating 532 million status updates). In that same period of time, 40 million head to Twitter and 17 million hook up with Pinterest. You want more? How about 22 million hours of watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, writing two million blog posts and uploading 864,000 hours of video to YouTube.

And perhaps most amazingly: 294 billion emails are sent. In just one day.

Unfortunately, about 90 percent of these are spam. You think inbox zero is a pipe dream now? Imagine where we’d be without junk mail filters.

This infographic from MBA Online takes a closer look at a typical day on the internet.

(Source: MBA Online. Clock image via Shutterstock.)