Introducing Media Together: Where Media Pros Find Solutions for the Future

Connecting you one story at a time

Every media company is pushing against an ocean right now, bracing itself for when the coronavirus wave crashes upon the shores of its business. Over the past several weeks, countless media professionals—from journalists to ad-tech staffers, sales reps and ad-sales marketers—have been furloughed or laid off.

We want to help.

As a publication that covers the ins and outs of the media business, we find ourselves at a unique vantage point, able to serve the very community we cover. We are a hub for the media world, which means we can provide a conduit for you, our readers, to connect.

The project, Media Together, is a place to gather, tell your stories and find solutions for the future. Tell us in 500 words who you are, what you do, what skills you have and your experience of working through these troubling times. The goal is to connect those who are looking for work with those who can provide jobs.

Add your perspective to this Google Form, and with your permission, we will publish below.