A Website Built for Tony Stark

Today's inverse.com press release includes a hell of a tagline.

Near the top of today’s press release about the growth of Inverse’s readership and additional Series A funding led by Crosslink Capital, the San Francisco-based purveyor of tech, science and culture coverage bills itself as follows:

Think Jesse Pinkman, Tony Stark and Richard Hendricks’ publication of choice.

As in, respectively, Breaking Bad, the Iron Man movies and Silicon Valley.

That’s a hell of demo. We’ve corrected the spelling of the middle fictional fan from the way it appears in the release (Richard Hendrix), but who knows, perhaps the best-known person who belongs to that spelling is a fan of Inverse too. The American-Macedonian basketball player was drafted in 2008 by the Golden State Warriors and currently plays in Europe.

Speaking of names, the final paragraph of this release reminds that Alex Frons recently joined the Inverse ranks as senior director of audience development. As in Alexandra Frons who, if not already, must make sure today’s PR gets in front of reps for Robert Downey Jr., Aaron Paul and Thomas Middleditch.

Before joining Inverse in May, Fons spent a number of years, first in Berlin and then in Downey Jr.’s beloved Venice, Calif., working at Moviepilot as social marketing manager and director of digital strategy. Inverse was launched a year ago by Dave Nemetz, previously the co-founder of Bleacher Report.

Pictured: Inverse logo

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