iPad 3 Now Showing Up in Server Logs

This post is dedicated to the 2 or 3 people left in the world who aren’t yet convinced that the new iPad 3 will show up next week with a retina screen. Ars Technica reported this morning that they found some unusual entries in their server logs.

As you might know, when you visit a website your web browser has to send some important info to the website so it knows what to show you. This includes details bout your OS, device, web browser , and can even get specific enough to include your screen resolution.

Ars was looking through their logs and they found this:

Someone recently visited Ars on an iPad 3, and it came from Apple’s HQ in Cupertino. What’s more, Ars also noted that they’ve gotten visits from a device with the same screen resolution that we’ve come to expect on the iPad 3.

Note that the logs also show iOS6, which Apple hasn’t even hinted at yet. That isn’t expected to show up next week, but it might be teased.

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