iPad Minis Show Up For Sale On eBay

Apple begins shipping the iPad Mini on November 2nd, but the initial preorder devices are already out of stock. Just in case you didn’t get your order in or you want to try to get one a few days early, eBay sellers are promising to have the devices this week or next. It’ll cost you though.

From Apple, the 16GB version is $329, the 32 GB version is $429, and the 64 GB version is $529. The price is much higher from eBay sellers.

For $550 eBay seller blazeseller writes, ” WILL SHIP THIS IPAD MINI WORLD WIDE! BUY NOW!”

For $599.95, coltsfan895 has listed, “Apple iPad Mini 32GB White or Black PRE-ORDER Ships OVERNIGHT! WORLDWIDE TOO!”

For $450, bigwill95gs has listed, “Apple iPad Mini 16GB – Wi-Fi – Black & Slate.”

There are plenty more listings on eBay as well. It might also be a good time to get an old iPad, as people are selling their first, second and third generations to make room for the fourth generation model.