iPhone Photo App Recommendations from Derrick Story and Me

Professional photographer and author Derrick Story and I discussed iPhone camera apps and tips in yesterday’s podcast (embedded above again for you – also available from iTunes as the MobileViews.com Podcast). He wrote a blog item over on O’Reilly Media…
A Spate of Excellent Photo Apps for the iPhone
…listing the apps he mentioned along with links to reviews of each iPhone photo app that he’s written over the past months. These apps include: Cropulator (cropping), Panorama (photo stitching), FotoTimer (self-timer), HP iPrint (print wirelessly to a printer on a network), CameraBag (image effects), and Darkslide (Flickr photo management app for the iPhone).
Here’s a couple of iPhone apps that I mentioned in the podcast and a few I should have but did not:
Amazon Mobile: Its experimental Amazon Remembers feature lets you take a photo of a product which is then sent to Amazon where an attempt to match it to a product is made. Free app.
Darkroom & Night Camera: Both of these apps attempt to use the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect when the camera is not moving to snap the clearest possible photo in dimly lit (night) conditions. I’ve had limited success with these apps. Derrick’s suggestion to setting down the iPhone and using a self-timer app probably produces much better results. Darkroom has both free and 99 cent versions. Night Camera is 99 cents.
Evernote: Lets you create text, audio, and photo notes. Can make text in a photo searchable. Free app.
The History of Cameras: This is an educational app as well as a functional one. It provides historical information about cameras from the beginning of photography. It also lets you transform your own photos to what it might have looked like if you had used the historical camera you are reading about to take it. 99 cent app.
Tumblr: The Tumblr.com free web service lets you post a blog variant they call tumblogs. Tumblogs are extremely short posts of practically anything: Text, photos, audio, and video. The Tumblr iPhone app lets you record and post everything except video to your Tumblr tumblog. I have my Tumblr account set to automatically feed everything to my Twitter account too. So, it is an easy way to share photos as well as other information. I prefer it to the Twitpic Twitter photo sharing app because I can go through Tumblr’s archives more easily as well as add captions and links later on from a PC or Mac with a real physical keyboard. Free app
BTW: My Twitter account is @toddogasawara
If you have an iPhone camera related app, please let us know via the comments here.

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