There’s an Ira Glass Halloween Kids Costume

Much is being made today about Ira Glass’s deconstruction on last night’s Tonight Show of some recent Twitter Bard-bashing.

And while that was certainly a great deal of fun to watch and listen to, the part of the interview that is most firmly lodged in the FishbowlNY noggin’ is the kids Halloween outfit highlighted and endorsed by Jimmy. The suit, tie, glasses, portable radio and gray hairspray package is designed to allow ten-year-olds and such to trick or treat as the This American Life host.

Public radio-loving moms, dads and nannies, your mission is set. Somehow, some way, you must convince your brood to go this October 31 as Glass. Bonus candy for any kid who rehearses and nails a one-sentence IG impression.

Update (October 10):
The genius Glass costume is the brainchild of San Francisco event planner Jordan Ferney. She shared it October 1 via her blog Oh Happy Day under the headline “Hipster Halloween Costumes: Part 1” and followed up yesterday with “Hipster Halloween Costumes: Part 2.” Other suggestions from Ferney for capital-H parents this Halloween include characters from the films Moonrise Kingdom and Amélie.

[Screen grab via: YouTube]

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