IRONY: ‘Recession Diaries’ Blogger Not Allowed To Blog About Being Laid Off

The Chicago Tribune gave Lou Carlozo a tough assignment: to cover his own finances as he and his family weathered the recession.
Carlozo lost his job yesterday, as did 52 others. And, he writes at True/Slant, he wasn’t allowed to blog about being laid off.
“I wanted to post a final blog Wednesday to readers explaining that I had lost my job, a victim of the very recession I covered. I posted this without management’s approval. I then informed management. Management took it down.”
“The Recession Diaries” doesn’t load any more; pulling up the URL brings up a blank page.
Carlozo writes: “That’s not my loss, it is the reader’s loss. As many emails attest, I was becoming a friend, a confidant, a trusted voice to thousands of hurting people. And in one swipe yesterday, the Chicago Tribune took that away from them without any explanation. It explains in no small part why the Tribune is losing readers like a trauma victim loses blood and internal organs.”
It looks like Carlozo will be pouring more energy into True/Slant now. We wish him the best of luck.
UPDATE: He’s posted the final ‘Recession Diaries’ entry, the one the Tribune wanted to suppress. Check it out.

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