Is Color Over Rated Or Do We Just Not Get It?

Of all the mobile apps that I’ve heard about so far, Color has got to be the most controversial. Color is a peer-to-peer photo sharing app. The use case for color is that you are at an event at which you and a bunch of other people are taking pictures with your iPhone. Color consolidates all of the photos that everyone has taken at the event and lets you see them.

The problem with Color is that it is not useful unless there are a lot of other people around you using the app and taking pictures. If you try to use Color by yourself the app is not useful. Besides this chicken-and-egg issue, many people are reacting to the $41 million in money given to the company who developed Color by venture capitalists. Others are reacting to the amount of hype they believe the app has received from the press.

What I find interesting is the really divergent opinions about the app. Michael Heller, writing for Androinica, thinks that Color could be big. Darrell Etherington of Gigaom has a different opinion, he thinks that Color is just chasing a trend. Todd has also written about his own experience with trying the app, showing you what you see when you are the only person using the app.

I think that Robert Scoble’s post hints at the reasons behind the extreme reactions to the app, the $41 million of VC money. The amount of money provided seems excessive to a company who has not yet sold their product, even if the people behind the product had prior successes. In short, people aren’t reacting to the app so much as they are reacting to the money behind the app. If nothing else, I think all of the reaction is further evidence for just how large the mobile market has become and the expectations that people have for mobile apps.

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