Is Gamification The New Marketing Strategy?

Gamification has been the buzzword in industries from education to health and wellness to even recruitment, and there are some who suggest that gamification has already jumped the shark, but until today we hadn’t thought of it as a PR tool.

Yet according to PR Daily, at least two companies (NASA and a drug maker) are using games to promote their brands. (Pharmville, anyone?)

NASA’s launched Space Race Blastoff on Facebook, a quiz game that is meant to make people realize that the millions of dollars NASA spends on space has tangible benefits on earth (see Velcro, Tang, and memory foam mattresses).

And drug company Boehringer Ingelheim is launching a game in April that shows how much R&D goes into making a drug, in hopes that consumers will then understand why their Lipitor (for example) is so expensive.

“If you have to face the same challenge an organization does, or you can produce the same benefits, your eyes can be opened to something a company or industry has been trying to tell you for years,” writes Shel Holtz. “The game can create the ‘aha’ moment that institutional advertising, press releases, and blog posts that both traditional and digital media failed to deliver.”

Just another tool in your marketing and PR toolbox. Have you tried “gamifying” your company’s products? We’d love to see more examples of this trend, so send ’em in.

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