Is the Lightt App an ‘Instagram Killer’?

Mark Zuckerberg clearly made a wise move in acquiring Instagram. The social media reaction to yesterday’s story about a Manhattan restaurant’s brilliant new “Instagram menu” proves that the app is hugely popular—and we also recently learned that Instagram beats Twitter when it comes to mobile engagement.

But can a new social media photo app climb to the top of the heap? As Social Times reported this afternoon, tech guru Robert Scoble seems to think so.

This new entry on the pic-sharing scene is Lightt, an app that creates silent photo sequences resembling gifs, those classic visual loops that ruled the Internet a few short years ago. The key catch is that users can share these images with friends, and the app grants us the power to create crazy pseudo-videos from the photos taken by, say, a group of friends attending the same concert from different angles. Sound cool? This video is a little slow, but it does demonstrate how Lightt works if you have a minute:

The app creates “highlights”, or very brief bursts of images that give the illusion of movement without the annoyances of amateur video, which tends to need a lot of editing. The team behind Lightt includes big names from Twitter and Yammer, so few will doubt their social media bona fides.

Certainly seems like reps and agencies could create some great presentations with Lightt. What do we think?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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