Israeli Tech Start-up Spot.IM Enables Publishers To Turn Visitors Into a Community post picThe creators of Tel Aviv-based Spot.IM say that their free platform, now currently in Beta, can turn any website into its own social network, thus greatly diminishing the need and reliance on external, social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and countless others.

Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green, the company says that Spot.IM’s “unique community-creation technology” can help any website become its own social network, realizing valuable benefits such as improved user-engagement, retention and monetization capabilities.

“Spot.IM helps website owners keep traffic on-site, adding a social layer to the content that already exists to keep users engaged and on the website for longer,” said CEO and co-founder Nadav Shoval.

“In just two lines of code, we unlock the access to the community of visitors that already existed on a website, giving each visitor a face and a way of interacting in real-time,” added Shoval, noting that any publisher can have an embedded network up and running on their own website in just 5 minutes.

Moreover, Shoval said that more than a thousand website owners and publishers including Time Out, Kerrang, and Red Bull, have turned to Spot.IM to add social networks to their websites.

“Breaking news, new music, festivals and more are now discussed in real-time on Kerrang!’s Spot, instead of just on our traditional socials, resulting in increased dwell time and increased pageviews,” said Johan Longbottom, news and online editor for Kerrang! Magazine.

“Spot.IM helped bring that conversation back onto”

While admitting that Facebook and Twitter are great platforms and important channels for bringing in new users, Shoval said that Spot.IM provides a “critical complement” by hosting social interaction around a site’s native content.

“…Publishers are able to keep traffic on their site, increase page views, and critically, improve user engagement around the high-quality content they work to create,” he added.

By doing so, Shoval said, publishers are able to develop a new level of engagement with users while increasing the ad value of their website.

CTO Ishay Green, a former TechCrunch Disrupt winner, had already started and sold two companies before co-founding Spot.IM with Shoval. Green sold his first company– Onigma – in 2004 to McAfee, and the second – Soluto – in 2007 to Asurion.

“With Spot.IM I saw an opportunity to build a platform that could truly revolutionize the way people interact online,” Green said.

“It would strengthen content creators and give users a uniquely enjoyable experience online.”

For more information on Spot.IM’s free tools for publishers, click here.