It Takes A Village To Run A Blog

Jim Romenesko notes that Time has launched a new sports blog, Keeping Score. Columnist Sean Gregory will helm it, but assisting him, according to the memo, will be:

  • Contributing writers Ishaan Tharoor, Hannah Beech, Nick Carbone, Bobby Ghosh, Tony Karon, Adam Sorensen, Glen Levy, Alice Park, Feifei Sun, Nate Rawlings, Josh Sanburn, Tim Morrison and Bill Saporito
  • Project boss Shanta Speller
  • Developer Micah Ernst
  • Assistants/producers (their actual titles are unclear in the memo) Katie Rooney and Christine Lim
  • Photo assistant Jared Miller
  • Editor Megan Friedman
  • Producer Nick Carbone (who will also be writing)
  • and top editor Daniel Eisenberg.


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