It Was Apple’s Event, But These 4 Brands Got to Share the Spotlight

Nintendo, Nike and others took the stage, too

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Apple's Keynote event today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco heralded in the newest editions of the iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless earbuds (called AirPods) and a swatch of software additions and tweaks.

But while Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives touted their wares and wearables, a number of stars from other brands also took to the stage to mark partnerships for various products. It seemed to be a noticeable shift, as Apple is now sharing with non-Apple companies more than in years past.

Here are some of the brands that announced partnerships with Apple's latest fleet:


To commemorate the first Apple Watch to be untethered from an iPhone, Apple is bringing a whole line of Nike-branded watch bands specifically geared at the Nike+ running crowd. To talk about runner-focused updates for the Apple Watch 2's integration with Nike+ Run Club app, Apple invited Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards to talk about what runners can expect.

"Apple and Nike share a passion to make life easier and more fun, and we look forward to continuing this amazing journey together," Edwards said.


Apple's App Store has already surpassed 140 billion downloads, but that number is bound to go even higher now that Super Mario is making his debut.

It's the first time Super Mario has been available for iOS. (As The New York Times notes, the company has long kept its games away from non-Nintendo devices.) For the announcement, Apple surprised the audience by bringing the game's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, on stage to talk about it and show off the demo of Super Mario Run. The game, which is similar to the original in many ways, will be available by the 2016 holiday season for an undisclosed price.

Nintendo's stock jumped as much as 27 percent after officials announced Super Mario would be coming to the Apple App store.       

        Nintendo is finally bringing Super Mario to the App Store. Apple


Nike isn't the only non-Apple brand that's coming together with the Apple Watch. Hermès, the Parisian luxury designer, is expanding its existing collaboration with Apple with a new series of single- and double-tour bands in a variety of colors and designs. 


Hermès is expanding its partnership with Apple with new bands. Apple

Pokemon Go

It was bound to happen. Just months since the augmented reality break-out game of the year inspired gamers around the world to go outside in search of digital pocket monsters, Apple announced it plans to integrate the game into the next version of the Apple Watch.

The watch version of the app has already been downloaded 500 million times, leading to users walking more than 4.6 billion kilometers. Soon, the watch version will help guide trainers to the nearest eggs, while keeping score of points and other collectibles and tracking fitness stats from the journey.

Pokemon Go will be integrated into the latest Apple Watch.  Apple

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