It’s Poetry Month. Go To A Reading.

The Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center is having a reading this Saturday that sounds promising:
Beyond Baroque Spirit of Southern California Poetry Series Salutes Orange County’s Tebot Bach, one of the Southland’s leading literary arts nonprofits, featuring readings by Tebot Bach’s founder Mifanwy Kaiser and poets Mike Sprake, Steve Ramirez, Rickie Mandeville, Cathie Sandstrom, Judith Pacht, Elena Karina Byrne, Joan Bauer, and Tebot Bach authors Paul Tayyar, Kate Buckley, Marcia Cohee, and Holly Prado, hosted by G. Murray Thomas and Amelie Frank; Tebot Bach is central to SoCal spirit, sponsoring workshops, readings, publishing local, national, and international writers, and bringing poetry to residents of homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, nursing homes, senior citizen daycare centers, hospitals, AIDS hospices, and correctional facilities. Reception follows.
Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice
Event begins Saturday, April 4 @ 7:30 PM

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