iTunes Now Offers 275,000 iPad Apps

Apple is unveiling one wonder after another in San Jose today, and Apple CEO Tim Cook just offered an update on the strength of their app store. iTunes now hosts  over 700,000 apps for your iOS device with 275,000 designed specifically for iPad.

That latter number isn’t just the apps which “work” on the iPad (technically all iOS apps do), but only those which offer a specific iPad version which makes full use of the tablet’s larger screen.

One detail Tim didn’t mention but is worth noting is that iTunes’ overall growth in its selection of apps seems to have leveled off. It’s been just over a month since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, and at that time Apple reported having 700 thousand apps and 250,000 which properly supported the iPad. So really today’s news is the increase in iPad apps; it looks like iTunes is merely treading water when it comes to the supply of apps as a whole.

In other news, Tim also told us that more than 35 billion apps have been downloaded by iPhone and iPad users.  90 percent of iTunes’ apps are downloaded each month, with customers using an average of 100 apps each.

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