James Murdoch Resigns from More Boards

We had no idea James Murdoch sat on so many boards until now. The guy just keeps resigning from them; almost every day there’s another one. The biggest resignation was from News International, on February 29, but he has also resigned from GlaxoSmithKline, Times Newspaper Holdings and is supposed to be leaving Sotheby’s board soon. Bloomberg reports that we can now add Newscorp Investments and News International Publishers Limited to the growing list.

That’s six resignations so far, but there could be more to come:

News Corp., based in New York, has said that Murdoch, 39, will focus on his main job as deputy chief operating officer to oversee the company’s international television operations. Still, Murdoch also faces calls from investors to step down from the board of News Corp. and as chairman of pay-TV company British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc.

Maybe Murdoch should just resign from every position in one mass “If I quit will you forget about all those allegations?” moment, because frankly, it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with.