Jamster Offers ‘Green’ Mobile App

Fox Mobile Distribution (FMD) is celebrating Earth Day by unveiling the Green Living Guide. The mobile application, available in the US through FMD’s Jamster content portal, is chock full of tips and recommendations on how to live a “greener, environmentally friendly life.” The guide includes info on conservation, recycling, reuse, Earth-friendly transportation and more.
Although Earth Day is April 22, the app will remain a free download on Jamster through April 26, to Jamster subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Developed by Incelligence, the Green Living Guide is available on the Jamster site or by texting “GOGREEN” to 75555.
The companies also offered up some tips that mobile consumers can use to help save energy. You can check them out after the jump.

1. Unplugging unused chargers: Always unplug mobile phone chargers when the phone is fully charged or when not in use, eliminating “standby” energy waste.
2. Deactivating unnecessary connections: Even while Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS aren’t being used, they still automatically connect. Activate these features only when needed, as it can help reduce the energy consumption process, reduce vulnerability to intrusion and also optimize the mobile phone battery life.
3. Avoiding vibrate mode: Vibration alert is a physical support of the mobile phone to get attention while ringing and is quite energy-intensive. Activate the vibration alert only when necessary or when the phone is set to mute and you need to be available. If the ringtone is audible, there normally is no need for further alerts.
4. Adjusting display settings: High-resolution and high-quality displays consume higher amounts of energy. To conserve energy, turn on the power-saver and turn the light time-out settings to a shorter period of time.
5. Switching off: Running applications, even if it’s an open message, should be closed to conserve energy. Switch the mobile phone off if it isn’t in use or in an out-of-service area.

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