Janice Min Tweets Out Her Fall Book Tour

Janice Min is no dummy. With a new book to promote, the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter has finally started to make use of a personal Twitter account (@janicebmin) that lay dormant for many months.

Min officially joined the Twitter revolution September 17, one day before the release of her beauty tips compendium How to Look Hot in a Minivan:

From there, Min quickly moved on in NYC to Wendy Williams and Inside Edition, accompanied by her third, newborn child Lila. More recently, it was back to the east coast for an appearance on Rachael Ray, followed by an LA sit-down with The Talk gang. And so on.

Will author Min leave Twitter once she has completed her hardcover promotional duties? Who knows. For now, along with the media appearance stuff, there is the odd THR retweet and personal observations about things like Internet commenting…


And the challenges of being a media-mogul-slash-working-mom…

Min also wondered at one point via Twitter if President Obama’s “Romnesia” debate term had something to do with her book lingo “momnesia.” If her how-to tome made it to the White House or the Democratic campaign entourage, that’s actually not entirely implausible.

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