Filmmaker Claims ‘Kony 2012’ Plagiarized His Work

CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Chris Abbas took to Reddit today, claiming that Invisible Children took sequences for its “Kony 2012” video from his film Cassini Mission without proper attribution. Unless Abbas found a way to circumvent Vimeo’s timestamps, it seems pretty clear that he does have a point. Parts of his film are clearly used in the beginning of “Kony 2012,” and toward the very end of the film. Watch here and here.

The irony to Abbas’ claim is that his film is solely composed of other people’s images and music: public domain photos from NASA’s Cassini Imaging Science System and music by Nine Inch Nails that is licensed for non-commercial public use. However, as Abbas notes in his Reddit post, he gives complete credit to NASA and Nine Inch Nails in his film in accordance with Creative Commons protocol. Invisible Children did not.

Not sure what good his post will do from a legal perspective. But it should get his film some extra attention. Which seems fair, because it is pretty fucking cool.

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