Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad Is Almost a Carbon Copy of a Recent Spot from The North Face

Right down to the soundtrack

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It looks like Jeep has pulled more than a few pages from The North Face's playbook for its Super Bowl ad.

The car brand aired "Beautiful Lands" commercial (created by The Richards Group) during the third quarter of the game set to the soundtrack of Woody Guthrie's classic This Land is Your Land. The 90-second ad shows sweeping views of the U.S. to promote the 2015 Jeep Renegade and features songwriter Marc Scibilia to sing the American-themed song.

But, there's one glaring problem with the ad: It's more or less the exact same ad The North Face created late last year. In addition to sharing the same soundtrack, the ads are nearly identical in length with the same message. (check out both below)

Here's Jeep's ad:

And here is the North Face spot:

The North Face's ad last year was fairly popular, even landing a spot on Adweek's top ten branded video chart in December after being uploaded in October.

Fiat-owned Jeep was late to publicly announce that it would run a Super Bowl spot last week.

Check out some of the tweets about Jeep's ad below.

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