Jelly Button Games Launches Pirate Kings on iOS, Android

Pirate KingsJelly Button Games has announced the worldwide release of Pirate Kings on iOS and Android devices. The game was originally released in limited territories, including Asia, Israel and Scandinavia, and gained fast success there, accumulating over 950,000 daily active users. Now, new players in the United States and Europe can try the game, which sees them building up their own pirate islands while attacking islands owned by other players.

In Pirate Kings, gameplay is centered on taking spins on a prize wheel, with spins being a type of recharging energy. Each spin of the wheel may give players cash, defense points for their island(s), or the ability to attack (or steal from) other players. Players may also receive free spins as a prize on the wheel, or can purchase them with real money.

When the spin wheel lands on “attack,” players are taken to another user’s island, where they can choose the section of the island to attack with a cannonball shot. If those players have landed on a defense prize on their own spin wheel, these attacks may bounce off. Either way, players receive various prizes for attempting or successfully completing the attack.

Meanwhile, landing on “steal” takes players to a screen where they try to find the “Cash King” among a series of islands. The Cash King has the most loot available to steal, but the other islands also contain lesser prizes.

Back at their own island, users can spend their winnings on visual upgrades for their pirate ship and island decorations. Players will unlock multiple islands over time, and will start generating their own free cash from their islands once they’ve hit the third island in the series. Gamers can also purchase cash with real money.

Pirate Kings is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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