A Record Store Underwritten by an iPhone Commercial

The coolest new retail spot in Nyack is straight out of Brooklyn

KiamRecordsSteven P. Marsh’ recent Journal News piece about singer-songwriter Jennifer O’Connor touches on a number of very familiar New York City flashpoints: moving out of Brooklyn (Greenpoint) to find more expansive and affordable housing; the ability to work in the digital trenches from pretty much anywhere; and those fundamental shifts in the music business.

But most miraculous is the fact that the move by O’Connor and her partner has also resulted in a new bricks-and-mortar record store, The Kiam Records Shop, on Main Street in Nyack. From the article:

O’Connor’s expansion into retail, like the move, was something of a whim. But it had a firm financial foundation.

She realized fairly early that she couldn’t make a living solely from writing songs, recording and touring. But her background in advertising and marketing opened her to other options.

Not long ago, Netflix tapped her to write music and, with two friends, play the instruments for a fictional bar band first seen in Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Then, last summer, Apple snapped up one of her songs for an iPhone commercial. That paycheck underwrote the shop’s launch.

O’Connor opened the store just before Christmas, on December 12. For anyone planning to be in Nyack this month, Kiam Records will be closed January 19-February 5, partly so the owner has proper time to accumulate some additional inventory.

[Image via: kiamrecords.com]

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