Jeremy Lin Has Fans, Media Going Wild

The New York Knicks are playing the Los Angeles Lakers tonight and everyone will be paying attention to Jeremy Lin. Oh you haven’t heard? Jeremy Lin is the hot new star of the Knicks who went to Harvard, is sleeping on his brother’s couch, and has everyone talking a whole lot.

He only started making waves about a week ago after great showings (averaging 25 points) against the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, and Washington Wizards. The Knicks actually won all those games. Now he’s got the fans whipped into a frenzy.

Lin’s generating hashtags, YouTube page views, and Google searches. The media is tweeting about him. After complaints from fans, his jersey will be going on sale.

On The Wall Street Journal blog, Jeff Yang also talks about what Lin means to Asian-American fans. Lin is the only Asian-American player in the NBA and only the sixth in the history of the league. The Nation also looks at Lin’s popularity through a cultural lens, arguing that he’s getting attention not just for his talent and interesting back story, but for defying stereotypes about Asian-Americans and the sad-looking Knicks.

Tonight, keep an eye out for people wearing those coveted number 17 shirts.

[image via AP]

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