Jetbook Color Now Deployed to NYC’s Largest High School

Ectaco announced today that their newest eReader, the Jetbook Color, is now being used in a pilot program in Brooklyn Technical High School.

100 students in 3 AP Biology classes at this 5,300 student school will be given the chance to test the latest in ereader technology.  The Jetbook Color is equipped with a 9.7″ Triton E-ink screen. This is the first color epaper screen to ship, and it’s now being tested in schools in Russia.

Ectaco conceived the Jetbook Color as a way to help schools cut textbook costs while  increasing student productivity. The Jetbook Color comes preloaded with Oxford talking dictionaries, SAT prep courses; subject reference guides, and graphing and scientific calculators. Most importantly, it also lets schools add their own content in a wide variety of formats. This means that digital textbook purchased elsewhere can be loaded on to the Jetbook Color, along with homework and other reading materials.

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