JK Rowling and Aziz Ansari Let Rupert Murdoch Have It

Over the weekend, Overlord of News Corp Rupert Murdoch let fly a couple of tweets that ignited immediate controversy.

In response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Murdoch tweeted the following statement on Saturday:

And in case flat-out blaming all “Moslems” for the actions of extremist groups wasn’t enough to draw ire, the media mogul then went on to tweet a justification of sorts:

While the tweets drew many thousands of supportive and critical responses, author of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling proved one of the most vocal — and fanastically sarcastic — voices of opposition, personally taking credit, as a Christian, for atrocities like The Inquisition… and televangelist Jim Bakker.

Rowling also joked that if being a Christian means being responsible for Murdoch himself, she’ll auto-excommunicate.

Murdoch may have been paying attention. This follow-up looks like both a backtrack and an attempt to prove that he knows how to spell “Muslim” correctly:

In follow-up tweets, Rowling went on to share a recent study that suggested eight times as many Muslims as non-Muslims have died in terrorist attacks, and also lauded “the courage and compassionate actions” of the the Muslim employee of the kosher supermarket that was targeted during the second siege in Paris, who hid Jewish customers from the attacker, saying his deeds “remind us of what ‘humanity’ ought to mean.”

The anti-Murdoch tirade continued on Twitter last night, with comedian, South Carolina native, and son of Tamil Muslim parents Aziz Ansari leading the way:

Ansari picked the perfect time to share his thoughts on Murdoch; he and his nearly five million followers made sure the #RupertsFault tag trended throughout the Golden Globes:

The tag remains one of Twitter’s top trends this morning.

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