How to Use Social Media to Find a Job Before It’s Posted

“The vast, vast majority of good-paying jobs will never be advertised,” says Carol Tice, a freelancer and writing business mentor. In the latest Mediabistro feature, Tice and other creative pros give tips on how to use social media to get ahead of other job hunters. Here’s an excerpt:

2. Pop into a chat.

Lyuba Ellingson, co-founder of, says Twitter chats are a great resource for real-time information. The chats occur with back-and-forth tweets that contain a common hashtag during a specific time. Some chats to check out include #LinkedInChat, #careerchat, #HFchat and #jobhuntchat.

Before participating, make sure your own social media profiles are in tip-top shape, though. “Once you start communicating with these people, they will look you up. If you don’t look excellent and present your personal brand in a quality manner, you are wasting your time,” she said, adding that recruiters will look for your written communication skills, culture fit, personal brand inconsistencies and, yes, even incriminating photos.

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