Job Title To Watch: U.S. Social Media Coordinator

Clearly our president knows how important social media is to politics these days. So perhaps it was his influence that encouraged Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to hire the first Senior Adviser on Innovation.

Alec Ross
, founder of One Economy&#151a nonprofit organization that brings technology to low-income households&#151has been charged with helping the state department use technology to enhance the department’s diplomatic missions in areas such as health care, poverty, and human rights, reports the Washington Post.

So with the help of diplomatic tools like Facebook, text messaging and YouTube, Ross will work to sway public opinion and shore up good will for state department policies.

His new job will blend technology with diplomacy in an attempt to help solve some of the globe’s most vexing problems on health care, poverty, human rights and ethnic conflicts. And it is emblematic of the expansive approach the administration has taken to the role of technology in advancing its domestic and global agendas.

“Secretary Clinton believes technology is a powerful tool to address the priorities of the State Department, including promoting human rights and vibrant democracies, fostering development and enhancing the impact of smart power,” said State Department spokesman Robert Wood. “Alec’s track record of successfully using technology for development initiatives around the world made him an ideal candidate for this job.”

If even the government is seeking experts to teach them how to further their message through the social media, imagine the possibilities that are opening up at large corporations. In the meantime, keep an eye on the state department’s job site. Ross is going to have to start hiring a staff of tech savvy media types soon.

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