Jobs For Executives

While the recession has been tough for everyone, being let go at an executive level is particularly hard. Well good news, according to a new survey from ExecuNet, executives can look forward to renewed job growth in the second half of the year.
The survey, which interviewed survey of 5,060 executives and 476 search firm consultants and corporate human resource professionals, found recruiters expect search assignments to be down only four percent by the end of the year&#151executive recruiting is currently down 14 percent.
Unfortunately executives currently employed and those seeking employment have found that salaries are down 1.7 percent this year. Further the report found compensation packages were down 12 percent this year&#151last year 51 percent of executives reported a perk package, this year only 39 percent of executives are receiving the same package. Perks include everything from company cars to club memberships to housing and favorable loans.
When searching for jobs though executives are using the same resources as everyone else. Around 73 percent used their network connections to find new jobs. About one-in-five searches conducted by corporate HR professionals during the last year was filled by a candidate from another industry.
For better or for the worse the job market is clearly changing.