Jon Stewart: ‘That Is The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen The President’s Press Secretary Do’

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Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart made reference to a question posed by ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent, Jonathan Karl, that seemed to have White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, a bit flustered.

“Can you tell me the fact that she helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president’s reelection campaign had nothing to do with her appointment? You can’t say that, can you?” asked Karl, referring to the appointment of former soap opera producer, Coleen Bell, as ambassador to Hungary.

Earnest responded, “I can tell you that’s not the reason she was chosen. I can tell you that the reason she was chosen.. ahhh frankly, I was not part of this decision making process.”

With eyes popping out of his head, Stewart reacted to the clip, “What??? You can’t do that! That is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen the president’s press secretary do. His entire job, his only job, is built around trying not to go ‘ehhhh look, I just f#%^ing work here.'”

Video Courtesy of Comedy Central. Enjoy!