Jonah Hill Directs 4-Episode Anti-Bullying IGTV Series for Instagram

Un-filtered features real people between 13 and 25 and was unscripted

An LED wall behind the subjects changed color to reflect what was being discussed Instagram
Headshot of David Cohen

Instagram added to its efforts against online bullying with last week’s debut of Un-filtered, a four-episode IGTV series directed by Jonah Hill.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network noted that Hill has spoken publicly about bullying and toxic masculinity, having experienced both sides of those issues, and he has also posted about the topic on Instagram.

The subjects of Un-filtered are all real people between the ages of 13 and 25, and the show was completely unscripted.

An LED wall behind the subjects changed color to reflect what was being discussed, and Instagram said this was done because “even though people were discussing a range different experiences, we all feel the same emotions.”

Episode one, When Loving Your Body Is Battle, features Vega, Rebecca and Emma opening up about body standards and how society’s expectations have shaped the way they see themselves and others.

Episode two, When Banter Turns Bad, features Monty, Travis and Derrick opening up about how it feels when jokes go too far, online and in real life.

Episode three, When People Stare, features Alimasi, Destiny and Adan open up about feeling like targets for people’s curiosity, both online and IRL.

And episode four, When It Hurts to Be Yourself, features Estefania, Kristian and Joshua opening up about how it feels to receive hate online and IRL just for looking different.

Instagram director of consumer marketing Janine Gianfredi said in an email, “Since the earliest days of Instagram, our responsibility has been to make sure that people have a positive experience on the platform that enhances their life. That’s why fostering the safest and most supportive global community is at the center of everything we do. We’re really proud of Un-filtered, our newest IGTV series, directed by Jonah Hill, that features real teens sharing the experiences and challenges they face every day. At Instagram, we’re committed to elevating the voices of the next generation, and that means providing a safe place where they feel comfortable to express themselves.”

Hill added, “It was an incredible experience to direct this project. I tried to create an environment for young people to be heard and listened to. I wish there was a platform to hear other’s struggles and experiences when I was growing up. I hope that this will be inspiring for young people to share their stories and feelings and not feel so alone.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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