New York Radio Vet Judy DeAngelis Retires

This is what it sounds like when a 26-year 1010 WINS veteran (Judy DeAngelis) signs off, for the final time, on a Tuesday morning:

And this is what it sounds like when a colleague (WCBS-FM’s Dan Taylor) sets his farewell to music:

Not to be outdone, several loyal listeners have made the inevitable and logical connection over on the WINS Facebook page:

Johnny Ortiz: Judy DeAngelis leaving 1010 WINS is just like Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees. We will miss them both! And I love them both!

Ken Roberts: Congratulations Judy!! It has been so wonderful hearing that spectacular voice proclaim “I’m Judy DeAngelis” every morning for the last 26 years. Have a fantastic retirement and sleep late!! One small request though… Can you please call my home once in a while with a wake-up call so I can hear that voice again!!! CIAO Judy. Jeter and Judy in one week… UGH!!

Before joining WINS in 1988, DeAngelis worked at WNBC, WCBS-FM and Long Island’s WALK. When she spoke recently to the New York Daily News, she had a funny explanation for choosing today as her final day at WINS:

“I’m retiring on September 30 because October 1 is my birthday,” she says, “and I wanted my birthday off.”

DeAngelis’ husband, Barry “Duff” Sheffield, remains – at least for now – general manager and program director at WFDU 89.1 FM.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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