JumpTap Bows tapMatch Auction System

Mobile advertising upstart JumpTap has launched tapMatch, a new product which enables brands to run text and graphical ads on mobile content pages via an automated, auction based platform—which the company has likened to Google’s AdSense platform.
Brands using tapMatch can bid to run ads timed to specific keywords or content categories across numerous mobile Web sites, including the portals managed by wireless carriers Alltel and AT&T as well as select mobile content sites like Eonline.com and iVillage.com. These ads, designed for performance-based advertisers, are sold on a pay-per-click basis.
Like Google AdSense, JumpTap claims its technology can ensure that these ads are contextually relevant to users, as it factors in data from users’ mobile search and surfing history, and other sources. Advertisers can also refine their targeting based on a user’s location, demographics, mobile carrier or even handset type.