K-NFB Reading Merges With eMusic Forms Media Arc

Ray Kurzweil’s digital book distribution platform K-NFB Reading has merged with the digital music streaming service eMusic to form the company Media Arc Inc., according to reports.

The new company will offer consumers the ability to access more than 17 million songs, 40,000 audiobooks and 600,000 eBooks.

Here is more about the new company from a statement posted by The Wall Street Journal:

As a new company, eMusic and K-NFB will leverage their combined technologies and expertise to create a consumer-centric interface that makes discovering, interacting with, and purchasing all kinds of media content more accessible and seamless for consumers. The goal is to be able to sell more content for our partners by providing electronics manufacturers, retailers, MVPD/wireless companies, and others with a multimedia content solution to better compete in today’s market.

(Via Billboard).

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