Kabam Unleashes Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS, Android

Marvel Contest of ChampionsKabam and Marvel Entertainment have announced the release of Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices. The fighting game was developed by Kabam’s Vancouver Studio and contains a storyline written by Marvel Comics writer Sam Humphries. In the game, players build and manage a team of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, taking them into battle against their enemies in a quest for power.

In Marvel Contest of Champions, players have access to a single-player story mode, as well as multiplayer battles. The campaign sees players step into the role of a representative of Earth in a “cosmic contest of champions,” organized by The Collector. If players win, they receive “untold power,” but if they fail, they become part of The Collector’s permanent collection.

Players begin with two champions, and can collect up to 25 total characters at launch (with more to come in future updates). Gamers have access to characters like Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Deadpool and many others, each with their own traits, abilities and special moves.Marvel Contest of ChampionsDuring each battle, players work to drain their opponent’s health using a combination of light and heavy attacks, activated through tap and swipe controls. Tapping and holding on the left side of the screen causes the player to block an oncoming attack and take reduced (or no) damage, while a swipe may allow players to dodge an attack entirely, or dash into an opponent across a long distance (as examples).

At the end of each battle or overall quest, players collect free currency and ISO-8. This is used in combination to upgrade a hero, increasing their stats. Premium currency, meanwhile, is used to recruit new heroes. Since quests contain multiple battles, and a champion’s health (and damage) carries across those battles, players can also spend premium currency to heal their heroes before a new encounter.

Finally, an energy system limits the number of quest-based battles players can complete in a single sitting. This energy recharges automatically over time, or players can receive energy refills for free in crystals that are given away every four hours (or once per day, depending on the kind of crystal). Additional crystals (and other items) may be found in chests as players complete battles and quests.Marvel Contest of ChampionsIn addition to solo gameplay, users can battle against friends in the game’s player-vs-player mode. Here, players can choose their username to identify them in battle (or in the game’s chat feature), and can go against others in one-on-one quick matches or three-on-three limited time arenas.

“Marvel Contest of Champions stays true to classic Marvel storytelling with big threats, heroic moments, and shocking revelations wrapped into a game that is not only easy to pick-up and play, but is also fun,” said Cuz Parry, creative director for Marvel Contest of Champions, in a statement. “The development team is a huge fan of Marvel, and we’re proud to deliver an epic game that we know fans will be psyched to play.”

Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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