Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise – Two Years Later

KatieHolmesPeopleOctober2014According to the New York Daily News, Katie Holmes placed some limits around this week’s big interview with People. At least two of which involved the cover:

“Tom’s name could not appear on the cover,” says our source… “The coverage had to be positive and there also couldn’t be a picture of Suri on the cover, because Katie wanted to protect her daughter.”

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise was in London this month and per an Instagram photo showing him standing alongside former Miss Venezuela World Ruddy Rodriguez, he could be seen wearing his Scientology Freedom Medal of Valor.

Per Tony Ortega, this is a huge deal as it represents the first disseminated photograph of the actor wearing the medal since Cruise received it ten years ago. Not to mention a storyline that was egregiously overlooked:

This should put to rest all of the rumors promoted by the tabloid press that Tom was getting away from Scientology — rumors we never took seriously. But we have to ask, where is the tabloid press? The outlets that remark on Cruise’s every move are surprisingly silent on this, and now the photograph has been up (and it’s still there) for more than three days. What are they waiting for?

Make that, now, more than 12 days. At press time, the photo is somewhat surprisingly still posted on talent manager Luis Bascaran‘s Instagram account.

[Image via: people.com]

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