KCET Picks Up Dutch Filmmaker’s LA Video Portraits Series

Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles in 2009, Dutch filmmaker Joris Debeij began fashioning video portraits of local residents under the umbrella title I Am LA: Portraits of Real Angelenos. Now, thanks to the KCET program Departures, those videos are going to find a new audience. Here for example is one about East LA photographer Gregory Bojorquez:

On the KCET introduction page for this new, grassroots program component, Debeij explains what he’s been going for:

After living here a little while, I gradually started to become aware that there was a Los Angeles which was unknown to me before I was a resident. My eyes were opened to seemingly-hidden places and local gem spots, and to the interesting way different neighborhoods intersect and cause their inhabitants to blend together around the boundaries.

The result of this is a far more interesting city than one expects in comparison to the glitz and glam of Hollywood often singularly portrayed about LA in popular culture. As a European transplant, it was this side of the city – and the multi-faceted culture of its inhabitants – that made me feel comfortable calling Los Angeles home.

He’s absolutely right – to a point. While the diversity of LA’s topography, culture and arts scene can be gleaned far more easily today via first-person blogs, YouTube and so on, those weaned on a modest MSM diet ahead of arrival are still in for a shock.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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